Parks and Nature Congress Reykjavík 2018

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In 2018, SAMGUS will be hosting the quadrennial Nordic conference which traditionally has been hosted by its sister organizations in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, each year focusing on different relevant topics.

The conference‘s topics will cover nature, parks and green spaces, with an emphasis on an Icelandic perspective. 

SAMGUS is a professional forum for Icelandic municipal-, and national government organizations concerned with focusing on the „green issues“. The purpose and goal of the forum is to promote growth and development in environmental initiatives within the broader government. The aim is to insure this with constant re-education of its members through meetings and seminars. Additionally to promote public awareness of environmental topics and foster a good relationship and cooperation with parallel organizations in the nordics and internationally.

The event will feature field-trips and presentations regarding the subject of environment and coexisting with nature.

When: 15th-17th August 2018
Where: Harpa Conference and Concert Centre, Reykjavík. 
Full details and more information about the event can me found on the Parks and Nature website.